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Facebook mention

March 21st, 2011 the4thnobleman 2 comments

I do have a facebook account to any and all Family I am sending to this page seeking photos of the babies! I’ve opened up some of my sharing settings to allow non-facebook users in, but I expect this to be completely temporary until I get the majority of them up on Flickr or similar.

I can also be had at twitter via:

I’m pretty much anywhere on google as “The4thnobleman” as my internet handle!

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Word to the Wise: Don’t buy Dell

June 21st, 2010 the4thnobleman 3 comments

Let’s all gather round, for I have a tale to tell regarding a company quite frankly, too large for its consumer base. Back in late February, I purchased a nice little deal from Dell. An Xbox 360 console and an additional $50 gift card for about $150ish I believe. At the time in early Feb. it was a great deal. The gift card had a catch though. I should have known. 6-8 weeks for delivery. So, a month & a half to two months to deliver? No biggie. March 2nd, the Xbox arrives and the wait begins. About 4 weeks pass and I receive an email stating my gift card is well on its way! Hooray hooray! Early, no less!

But alas, no card arrives. After the 6th week, I give them a call expecting them to be able to right things or at least give me a better update compared to the website. They tell me I need to wait an additional two weeks for the card to arrive. 8 weeks it is! Whatever the confusion was, oh well. 8 weeks come and pass from the original ship date and still no card. Call them up and lo and behold, they “forgot” to put the order in? Wha? But what about those emails? That means the order WAS in, right? Apparently not….joy. So, a couple of days? Nope! 14 days! 10 weeks.

10 weeks pass, still no card. 11 weeks pass and I return the call once more. By this time im a little perturbed. I request to see if there’s any additional way to get a card to me sooner than 7-14 days. Nope! Screw you bucko! Wait in line like all the other good lil numbers. Ok fine….give me my money back. Oh they hate hearing that. They opt to get a card out by weeks end. Weeks end hits. Week 12 I believe. Still no card.

I call once more this time to demand my money back. 45 minutes of holding, and an excuse that they can’t access the account system, so they can do nothing for me and I will need to call back again later. Can’t someone call me? Afraid they can’t do that. Fuck you, Dell. I call again the next day to complain and suddenly they want to offer me this gift card as an email voucher. Really? Well, that could mean I could get it today. Nice! Do it. I want to be through with Dell as soon as possible and this is a good way to do that. So they set it up and I receive an email shortly after getting off of the phone with them…..7-12 more days?!?

It’s a goddamn email voucher. Click a button, generate voucher, automated email sends me my voucher. How the fuck does this process not happen instantly? So I call back, irately at this point. Patience is out. I inform them I wasn’t told it would be another 14 days, or else I’d have never agreed to such bull. I try to cancel and the support individual has the NERVE to tell me I wasn’t charged for the card to begin with. Excuse me lady, hold on one moment while i pull up my account and pull up the account history. According to you guys, you charged me twice. Once for the discounted Xbox and once for the $50 gift card. You DID charge me, back in February, and you’ve had MY money since then….holding it hostage in some underground holding facility. Likely torturing it by rubbing it all over your rich executives arses all goddamn day. I demand my money back, to which I am hit with the excuse of not being able to issue the refund until the email voucher has been cancelled, which can take… guessed it, 7-14 more days. No no. This shall not pass. I’ll call my bank and cancel this garbage. I’ll gladly pay $35 to keep $50 from hitting Dell’s pocket any longer! I ended up letting them know I won’t be back for their business and cut to June 10th.

Mail arrives and lo and behold there’s a Dell mailer inside, with a fookin gift card inside. I rush inside and order $50 worth of stuff immediately, just to get the damn thing out of my hands and hopefully be THROUGH with Dell for good. I receive an email stating all is well in the world and that ill get shipping notice tomorrow. 11 days later, no notice. Look up the Dell purchase ID, no record of purchase. Where’s my $50 GC now? Why didn’t this order process? Where the hell is my fucking money, Dell? Call to discover Dell doesn’t have a clue. No order took place?!? So they can’t reimburse me my gift card? They fucked me outta $50? ¬†Fuck you, Dell. Fuck you to hell. Suck the codpiece. You’ll never get my business. You’ll never see another reference from me. I’m cancelling my Dell account. I’m selling my Dell laptop. I am forever finished and boycotting your products, your sales, and your company and any company associated with you.

I’ll never be back. And I’m damn sure taking everyone I know with me. Maybe I won’t do a damn thing to your business by saying and doing all of this. But it won’t stop me from trying. It won’t stop me from wishing the absolute worst upon your company, like hoping you have ties to BP. Or hoping that your current methods of treating customers leads to an early demise of your company.

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I officially suck at blogging

August 14th, 2009 the4thnobleman 2 comments

But that’s ok….cause its my blog. I’ll do as I please.

Nothing much has happened over the past couple of months. Computer work has been up and down. Ironwork has been nil. However, today…in just a little under an hour and a half, i’ll be in an interview for a company for a computer-related position. Great opportunity lies ahead! I’ll explain in greater detail once I return this afternoon.

Till then, be well everyone.

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It’s finished!

June 15th, 2009 the4thnobleman No comments

Finally, the time has come to unveil the recent renovations to the room!

It’s been a long hard past 10 days working on this project bit by bit, but the end result was well worth it I think. There’s still a few kinks left, like the areas that need touch-up paint and the one last metal shelf that needs to be installed, but for the most part its finished and I couldn’t be happier!

So here’s the tour of the already messy room. Pardon the wires as there’s a lot of electronic equipment that was in dire need of being hooked up.

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Flickr is up!

May 15th, 2009 the4thnobleman No comments

Just figured out how to get the flickr feed rolling into this page. Go me!

I’m so helpless *hangs head in shame*

Likely gonna add some photobucket stuffs too.

Busy Bee

May 11th, 2009 the4thnobleman 1 comment

Well, here we are again! Going to aim for a weekly bit, since theres just too much involved in trying to update things daily at the moment. I placed an ad in a local circulation for computer repair and business blew up in my face. I’ve been covered up with computer work for the past week or two. This is a double edged sword as well, since the majority of the customers are residential and want me after my usual cutoff at 5pm or so. I’ve just been rolling with the changes and doing what I can to balance love-life, work, home, and play time.

I finished Fable 2 yesterday, which pleased me greatly. I was not a fan of the original in any way, but I was surprised to find this one felt a bit more….complete? It could have had everything to do with the amount of time the first title was in development, but the sequel has a lot more polish to it. Trying to be “good” is tough as the little devil on one’s shoulder is given every opportunity to kick you upside the head and tell you all the wonderful bad things you can do! At the end of the day, I can always kick chickens and retain my good karma/morality/purity points.

This past Thursday I took advantage of a deal with Best Buy and picked up 7 copies of You’re in the Movies with Xbox Live Vision cameras, free of charge. Apparently Best Buy wanted these units long gone, since they had a Reward Zone deal to make the title $10 and then stacked a coupon for $10 off the title, at three copies per purchase. I may see if we can do a contest at teh-Nook to give these things away, as theyre useful even without an Xbox as a Webcam for the PC or I even hear the PS3 supports them.

Ironwork is still a bit stale, but there is good news on the horizon. There is a big project coming up with a Union outfit out of Georgia. The best news is this job is located in downtown Montgomery! We’re talking 5 minutes from the house. What I wouldn’t give to have such a wonderful job that close to the house. It’s a high-rise and should last upwards to one year, possibly more. The bad news? It doesn’t kick off until July or August. Of course with computer work as swell as it is, who needs Ironwork? ;)

We also had one hell of a flood Thursday, which I will likely post pictures of here or in the flickr account. Currently working on how to get the flickr feed to show in wordpress, so bear with me. I repair em, I don’t build websites on em! Water was up past the ankles in the backyard most of the day with many places in Montgomery seeing anywhere from 7-10 inches of water in about 4-5 hours or so. Needless to say, we’re well above average in this area for rain, after being 3 inches short for the majority of 2009 thusfar.

Well, time to get back at it. Finished one appointment up a little while ago, and now my second is coming up. Be well!

Stayin Alive

April 29th, 2009 the4thnobleman 3 comments

Time for another update to ze blogosphere! Not much of anything really happening thusfar. I took advantage of a deal on Sunday over at Best Buy, snagging up some back-catalog games on the cheap. Yay for cheap games!

Computer work is a bit floaty, but survivable. Took care of one of my customers last week, but I goofed and left my notepad. It wouldn’t be a big issue, except they have been out of the office all week thusfar and that notebook is practically my brain when my brain decides to pack up and go on vacation. Aside from that its been a busy week this week and still a busier week left to go.

Apprenticeship classes are set to end soon, and I for one am definitely beyond excited to see this happening. Its been hectic balancing computer repair, ironwork, and my once a week class on Thursdays. So that means one year is in the books and two more remain until I am “topped out” and through with the apprenticeship course. All I have to do from this point is make sure I set aside the funds for dues, keep my name on the books, and when work picks back up we all hope to see the economy bounce back, better than ever. I’m ready for this drought of work to end personally.

I have been slacking on my website. I need to build a fully functional site, yet I really don’t have a clue how I am going to accomplish this. Dammit Jim I’m a technician, not a web design expert! I’ll likely need the proper motivation to get it to happen, but in the meantime I will work on updating my business cards to hand out to people.

I’ve been fortunate as of late to be able to pick up on my posting at Teh-nook, which has an amazing bunch of people. I highly recommend that anyone that happens upon this page to pay them a visit, whether you’re a fan of games, art, movies, music, or anything else for that matter.

Now I feel like an ADD kid for jumping around on topics so much. Heroes finale! I just finished watching it and all I can really say is wow. I expected what happened, but maybe not to whom it happened to. By about halfway through I thought I was going to have to get angry, but then they swerved it. Then they sort of tacked on a type of ending that makes me really meh about the next season.

Hopefully I will get a rant going on one of these blogs soon that will get the comments flowing!

Be well!

My very own blog

April 26th, 2009 the4thnobleman 5 comments

I’ve had blogs before now. Several, in fact. I suppose I began on livejournal and eventually shifted into myspace a bit. I got out of blogging and then was talked back into it at the Yahoo 360! blogs, which were pseudo-axed then reopened. I then used a blogging plugin via a forum over at T-six. Blogging was an outlet at the time. A public spectacle to share stories of my life to others. Perhaps share experiences and lessons learned in this life. They’ve often gotten me into trouble before, where I would say things and name names because I am a very blunt individual. I say what’s on my mind, often. For the sake of not repeating past mistakes, I’ll try to remain indirect. Likely no names will be the actual names of people I associate with. This will protect others as well as myself in the long run methinks.

I have a new blog now I s’pose. This one feels a bit different. Before I depended on services and it was more of a social thing. Blogging because you want your inner circle to see what you read. This is different. Independent. Unique? I wouldn’t go that far. I would say I have more creative control over my personal content. More freedom, even though the last paragraph may contradict that a bit. I suppose I should start with some general information of merit. After all, who knows what random person might pop in and know absolutely nothing about me as an individual? We are all but single drops of water in an ocean of personalities. Frack, that was corny.

Either way, I’m Stephen P. Nobles IV. It’s a mouthful and its far from original except that in and of itself, four generations is pretty unique. All I have to differentiate myself from three other Stephen P. Nobles is a Roman numeral. I think I came to terms with that after a long childhood questioning why I would be burdened with such a legacy and in the process stripped of something as unique as my own name. I later learned to view it in a different outlook, and realized I should be proud to play a part in continuing such a legacy. Does this mean a V is in order? I’d say that isn’t exclusively my choice to make.

I live in Montgomery, Alabama. The Capital city lays host to a minor league baseball team(The Montgomery Biscuits, no less), and all in all is large enough to remain busy but small enough to keep in perspective. I have heard of many people living in larger cities and never getting to know the place they live fully. It’s a damn shame, really. It’s a unique flavor of life I would recommend anyone spend some portion of their lives in. The downtown area is gorgeous for its old architecture and old-town feel and the expansion out East makes for a pretty swell shopping metropolis, if the sales tax was lower anyway.

I do a handful of things around here to make money, one of which is mildly successful and the other of which is faltering thanks to a shaky economy. The shaky job is that of an Apprentice Union Ironworker out of Local 92. It’s a job I used to work about 5 years prior but left and I missed ever since. I have worked about two months full since September 2008 and thanks to the economy as mentioned, it’s all but dried up any new construction, maintenance, or other general work we as Ironworkers would normally get. The other is a computer repair business I began doing full time in the past year. Quite a contrast I hear, but the truth is I enjoy them both. One works the mind while the other works the body. As a Gemini, I suppose I enjoy the duality and being the best of two worlds.

I suppose this is a good start. I’ll likely share work stories, things of my love life(mostly me blogging about getting my arse handed to me in video games by the love of my life), and who knows what else I might find useful to blog about. I believe comments are open to the public, which could be both a blessing and a curse. Lets hope its the former.

And now, Fable 2 calls.


April 24th, 2009 the4thnobleman 1 comment

This is likely the most temporary post I will make here. This is the future home to all things me related. With luck I will be updating this frequently enough to warrant activity and who knows, maybe even a following?

Thanks for paying this space a visit, and I hope to have more soon.

Oh yea!


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