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Facebook mention

March 21st, 2011 the4thnobleman 2 comments

I do have a facebook account to any and all Family I am sending to this page seeking photos of the babies! I’ve opened up some of my sharing settings to allow non-facebook users in, but I expect this to be completely temporary until I get the majority of them up on Flickr or similar.

I can also be had at twitter via:

I’m pretty much anywhere on google as “The4thnobleman” as my internet handle!

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Word to the Wise: Don’t buy Dell

June 21st, 2010 the4thnobleman 3 comments

Let’s all gather round, for I have a tale to tell regarding a company quite frankly, too large for its consumer base. Back in late February, I purchased a nice little deal from Dell. An Xbox 360 console and an additional $50 gift card for about $150ish I believe. At the time in early Feb. it was a great deal. The gift card had a catch though. I should have known. 6-8 weeks for delivery. So, a month & a half to two months to deliver? No biggie. March 2nd, the Xbox arrives and the wait begins. About 4 weeks pass and I receive an email stating my gift card is well on its way! Hooray hooray! Early, no less!

But alas, no card arrives. After the 6th week, I give them a call expecting them to be able to right things or at least give me a better update compared to the website. They tell me I need to wait an additional two weeks for the card to arrive. 8 weeks it is! Whatever the confusion was, oh well. 8 weeks come and pass from the original ship date and still no card. Call them up and lo and behold, they “forgot” to put the order in? Wha? But what about those emails? That means the order WAS in, right? Apparently not….joy. So, a couple of days? Nope! 14 days! 10 weeks.

10 weeks pass, still no card. 11 weeks pass and I return the call once more. By this time im a little perturbed. I request to see if there’s any additional way to get a card to me sooner than 7-14 days. Nope! Screw you bucko! Wait in line like all the other good lil numbers. Ok fine….give me my money back. Oh they hate hearing that. They opt to get a card out by weeks end. Weeks end hits. Week 12 I believe. Still no card.

I call once more this time to demand my money back. 45 minutes of holding, and an excuse that they can’t access the account system, so they can do nothing for me and I will need to call back again later. Can’t someone call me? Afraid they can’t do that. Fuck you, Dell. I call again the next day to complain and suddenly they want to offer me this gift card as an email voucher. Really? Well, that could mean I could get it today. Nice! Do it. I want to be through with Dell as soon as possible and this is a good way to do that. So they set it up and I receive an email shortly after getting off of the phone with them…..7-12 more days?!?

It’s a goddamn email voucher. Click a button, generate voucher, automated email sends me my voucher. How the fuck does this process not happen instantly? So I call back, irately at this point. Patience is out. I inform them I wasn’t told it would be another 14 days, or else I’d have never agreed to such bull. I try to cancel and the support individual has the NERVE to tell me I wasn’t charged for the card to begin with. Excuse me lady, hold on one moment while i pull up my account and pull up the account history. According to you guys, you charged me twice. Once for the discounted Xbox and once for the $50 gift card. You DID charge me, back in February, and you’ve had MY money since then….holding it hostage in some underground holding facility. Likely torturing it by rubbing it all over your rich executives arses all goddamn day. I demand my money back, to which I am hit with the excuse of not being able to issue the refund until the email voucher has been cancelled, which can take… guessed it, 7-14 more days. No no. This shall not pass. I’ll call my bank and cancel this garbage. I’ll gladly pay $35 to keep $50 from hitting Dell’s pocket any longer! I ended up letting them know I won’t be back for their business and cut to June 10th.

Mail arrives and lo and behold there’s a Dell mailer inside, with a fookin gift card inside. I rush inside and order $50 worth of stuff immediately, just to get the damn thing out of my hands and hopefully be THROUGH with Dell for good. I receive an email stating all is well in the world and that ill get shipping notice tomorrow. 11 days later, no notice. Look up the Dell purchase ID, no record of purchase. Where’s my $50 GC now? Why didn’t this order process? Where the hell is my fucking money, Dell? Call to discover Dell doesn’t have a clue. No order took place?!? So they can’t reimburse me my gift card? They fucked me outta $50? ¬†Fuck you, Dell. Fuck you to hell. Suck the codpiece. You’ll never get my business. You’ll never see another reference from me. I’m cancelling my Dell account. I’m selling my Dell laptop. I am forever finished and boycotting your products, your sales, and your company and any company associated with you.

I’ll never be back. And I’m damn sure taking everyone I know with me. Maybe I won’t do a damn thing to your business by saying and doing all of this. But it won’t stop me from trying. It won’t stop me from wishing the absolute worst upon your company, like hoping you have ties to BP. Or hoping that your current methods of treating customers leads to an early demise of your company.

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It’s finished!

June 15th, 2009 the4thnobleman No comments

Finally, the time has come to unveil the recent renovations to the room!

It’s been a long hard past 10 days working on this project bit by bit, but the end result was well worth it I think. There’s still a few kinks left, like the areas that need touch-up paint and the one last metal shelf that needs to be installed, but for the most part its finished and I couldn’t be happier!

So here’s the tour of the already messy room. Pardon the wires as there’s a lot of electronic equipment that was in dire need of being hooked up.

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April 24th, 2009 the4thnobleman 1 comment

This is likely the most temporary post I will make here. This is the future home to all things me related. With luck I will be updating this frequently enough to warrant activity and who knows, maybe even a following?

Thanks for paying this space a visit, and I hope to have more soon.

Oh yea!


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