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Stayin Alive

Time for another update to ze blogosphere! Not much of anything really happening thusfar. I took advantage of a deal on Sunday over at Best Buy, snagging up some back-catalog games on the cheap. Yay for cheap games!

Computer work is a bit floaty, but survivable. Took care of one of my customers last week, but I goofed and left my notepad. It wouldn’t be a big issue, except they have been out of the office all week thusfar and that notebook is practically my brain when my brain decides to pack up and go on vacation. Aside from that its been a busy week this week and still a busier week left to go.

Apprenticeship classes are set to end soon, and I for one am definitely beyond excited to see this happening. Its been hectic balancing computer repair, ironwork, and my once a week class on Thursdays. So that means one year is in the books and two more remain until I am “topped out” and through with the apprenticeship course. All I have to do from this point is make sure I set aside the funds for dues, keep my name on the books, and when work picks back up we all hope to see the economy bounce back, better than ever. I’m ready for this drought of work to end personally.

I have been slacking on my noblecr.com website. I need to build a fully functional site, yet I really don’t have a clue how I am going to accomplish this. Dammit Jim I’m a technician, not a web design expert! I’ll likely need the proper motivation to get it to happen, but in the meantime I will work on updating my business cards to hand out to people.

I’ve been fortunate as of late to be able to pick up on my posting at Teh-nook, which has an amazing bunch of people. I highly recommend that anyone that happens upon this page to pay them a visit, whether you’re a fan of games, art, movies, music, or anything else for that matter.

Now I feel like an ADD kid for jumping around on topics so much. Heroes finale! I just finished watching it and all I can really say is wow. I expected what happened, but maybe not to whom it happened to. By about halfway through I thought I was going to have to get angry, but then they swerved it. Then they sort of tacked on a type of ending that makes me really meh about the next season.

Hopefully I will get a rant going on one of these blogs soon that will get the comments flowing!

Be well!

  1. wusaint
    May 9th, 2009 at 07:05 | #1

    its nice to find u again old friend. Truly has been way to long. I just read everyonr of your blog entries and it was good to know your in good spirits despite the poor economy. I would fill you in on me but this really isn’t the place and it doesn’t help that I’m typing this out on my Palm Centro lol. Anyways shoot me an email so we can catch up.

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